A married woman is reportedly set to divorce her husband who dropped out of school just so he could sponsor her education to the PhD level.

A Twitter user with the handle, @Abdullahiabba_ took to the platform to share the ordeal encountered by his cousin.

Abdullahi shared that his cousin’s wife is seeking divorce because of his low level of education despite the fact that it was his cousin who sponsored his wife’s education to the level she attained.

Abdullahi wrote,

“My Cousin Sameer had to drop out of school after marriage just to support his wife education due to her parents were not strong enough for that just for her to attain Phd and seek for divorce from him telling him she can’t be controlled by a man who’s not educated like him.

She can’t be controlled by a man who’s not up to her standards in terms of Education.”

In other news, a Nigerian doctor has shared a shocking tale of paternity fraud between a couple and the wife’s ex-boyfriend.

The woman had allegedly had an affair with her ex a few days before her wedding but confessed to her husband and he forgave her.

According to the doctor, the woman gave birth nine months later and the ex laid claim to the child and insisted on a DNA test to prove his right.

The husband eventually agreed and gave some conditions that were eventually met and the test carried out, the results came in and proved the child did not belong to either of the men. Read full story here

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