Corps member recreates

A corps member has become an internet sensation after he recreated a photo his mother took with him during her NYSC decades ago.

The young man, identified as @ayo__kunle on Twitter, took to the microblogging platform to share a throwback photo his mother snapped with him when she was serving the country years ago.

In the photo taken shortly after his birth, his mother who was all smiles wore her NYSC khaki and placed the cap on his little head.

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Corps member recreates

Now that he’s all grown and also participating in the one-year national scheme, the young graduate decided to recreate the throwback photo with his mother.

In the recent photo, Ayokunle who donned his NYSC uniform posed with his mother and also placed his cap on her head.

Corps member recreates

He captioned the photos, “How it started… How it’s going,”

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In other news, a Nigerian lady has reportedly dumped her boyfriend after he was sacked over a huge sacrifice he made to fund her vacation to Dubai.

According to @poojamedia who took to Twitter to relay the story, the boyfriend committed N2 million fraud in his place of employment to sponsor his girlfriend’s trip to Dubai with her friends.

However, he got caught by the company and they terminated his employment for stealing from them. Shockingly, the said girlfriend broke up with him because he was jobless and started dating a wealthy Senator.

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