This beautiful couple recently tied the knot… and it was revealed they dated for 12 years before walking down the aisle.

According to the groom who shared there story on twitter, they went through school, NYSC and getting a job before they finally decided to settle down and start a family.

The groom also revealed why it took them 12 years before they got married. He said, they had to go through school, NYSC, Get a job before finally deciding to start a family.

Apparently, their relationship started from Secondary School..or the University Perhaps?

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  1. De way i see dis lady in take one hand hold dis man den take one hand to check other men if dis lady 4 get better option in 4 marry tey tey de way i see her one bird at hand is more dan two in a bush

  2. Read details na… they started from secondary school, probably js1… so 6yrs gone, went thru higher inst. .. which can’t be less Dan 5yrs, den did NYSC… so what’s the big deal? They should stop counting 12yrs like 12yrs after schooling. They’re just examples of early reship, theirs turned out 2b successful while some coz them to commit suicide

  3. It is a tin of joy dat dey ended up 2geda at least some of 15 years ended up in their separate ways, maturity or abi old age don dey tell 4 d lady face sha dats d problem man @ 60 go luk younger dan woman in 50’s congrats but i knw fit date 4 dat long oooo

  4. I’ve been dating my guy for 6 yrs since JSS level and nw we are in d university who knows how long it will take b4 we tie the knot just bcos we have to plan well well for the future marital affairs nr b play play matter or run race

  5. Kai dis man wicked oh, im jus de shop another man pikin for 12 solid, gud years befor im marry am, hmmmm if dem do im own like dat, im go like am? hmmmm jus passing by shah befor una kill me wt mouth. Congrats as u finally buy am whole sale. Hahahahahaha wishing u many pikins.

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