It’s true what they say – men are big babies! Mr Cyril Celestine from Uyo, Akwa Ibom, took to his Facebook page to pour out his heart over a recent heartbreak from a lady he loves very dearly.

In an emotional post that has since gone viral, Celestine wrote: “People u believe on always turn back to hot u even wen u care & show much love there never appreciate u. She hot me every time,she make me cry like a child she make life difficult 4me just bcus I care an show her much love i wish I could stay wit out her i jst pray my love 4 her should never expire one day.”






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  1. @Obi Amara favour,as beautiful as you are,you are not supposed to even right this horrible piece,I was angry, for you to mention suicide cos of a worthless idiot, that doesn’t deserve you,no man deserve you to take your life,not even dangote son…no matter how you love the person don’t think of such again…I’m pissed..

  2. Bros abeg calm down, even me as a woman I was once treated same way, he always make me cry like a baby and because I loved him so much I couldn’t let go. If she’s yours she will surely come back to you, but if not, God will surely send you an angel that will wipe your tears forever.

  3. My advice for u is to let go off her stop tinking about her,cos if u die of hypertension she wuld stil leave u for another and move on with her life,dats how it is,their are gals that r far better than her,its just patience,and being able to overcome d pains u fil now

  4. You not crying for not getting more money, for not crying for not making ya FAMILY proud ? u crying for for GIRL that wanna leave u or already left?? Mehn u wasting time get money and she gonna come bck and beg u like a SLAVE hahah money over bitches

  5. That’s what happen when girl chop you and finally discover that for the rest of ur life you’re broke both present and future, left & right, that man isn’t crying for the bea but he is crying for the money he lavished for the girl head. Guy’s wise up,girls are very good when it comes to chop,cleanmout&go

  6. I had a similar problem but after three months I started receiving contracts and bought a car rented a new apartment and started dating her best friend ..she became very jealous and wanted us to date secretly but I told her I was in love with her friend now .what she did is still hunting her..

  7. odeeeeeeeee….my mum call this kind of people o ri e ko pe..meaning ur head is not correct..mtcheew cry nah,shebi crying will brring her back mumu..stay there dont go to work be crying,crying will bring food for u in this change go find better bucket put make d water wey dey ur eyes no waste..ahahan chaii,i thought is d girls dat her meant to cry choiii..this guy is making my head spin with anger..see baba if u so much love her and u dont want to loose her..just call her over and ask her poiletly why she left u and if u are not satisfied with d answer or she refuse to come back to u,bros abeg move on with ur life,they are better girls out there than her,or if u cant move on den keep crying or u kiss transformer cry cry baby u want to see ur gf, how are u shammmmeeeeee

  8. hmmmm,love love love,dis happen to me also in 2013 when I had dat my so call fiancee impregnated a lady during his NYSC I nealy giveup,it seems am I shld poison my self 6 yrs relationshp just like dat,but today God has fight for me.dear it happen in both side wipe away ur tears,delect her frm ur memory,be prayerful.a broken relationshp is better than broken married.

  9. ok,continue, na wetin mama send u come do for Lagos be this……?,dat uncompleted house wen papa leave there,who u leave am for?,na woman u no wan live without……u better come village make dem wash dat ur brain with acid,so dat e go bright oh

  10. Heartbreak is painful, I know, but guy Control urself naa.Y are u crying like a baby? bcos of a woman? Come on me, If sum1 u luv leaves, it’s bcoz dey dnt belong in ur life in the first place, let dem go to make way for sum1 better to walk in.

  11. Yep…. we all have been there done it. You have added another lesson to your life. One thing l am very sure of is , among all things that God created woman is the most useless, irresponsible, heartless and dangerous ever made. The don’t pity men at all, when they said is over that is it. Why you think all these white men kill them when they said is over? Because they want them to pay for their actions.

    • What! Did you just say women are the most irresponsible, useless, heartless & dangerously made? Hmmmm, does it mean your mum & sisters are too, because they are women too remember?
      My dear, that’s a v.wrong opinion you have about women, simply because you have met few that disappointed you & broke your trust doesn’t signify “all” are same, okay?
      Women are the most responsible, lovely, softly creature ever made, okay?

  12. Its hurt….was once in ur shoes….most ladies are wicked….life goes on bro….she left bcus she wasn’t d best for u….d best is yet to come…u should cry no more bro…I knw it hurts!

  13. And it’s true dats how a broke guy cry when his girlfriend dat has been managing with him dumps him when u have a girl dat sees that u re really hustling, that u always talk about d future, u dream big and want a better life she won’t even dream of loosing or dumping you! #justsaying

  14. Chinedu E A Nelson and James Victor, what’s d connection btwn her comment and d calabar tribe here? Guys, social sites are not 4 every chimpanzee, fox, and pelican o. Tho we all knw itz fun, and one of d thrills of social sites when pple displays their levels of mentality as U just did. Letz hav d fun, sha.

  15. Take heart dear. Wipe ur tears & clean ur Nose. Thats life for u. It pains so much when someone u truely love broke ur heart or caused u pains.Shake it off. Let her go. Face ur life and God. Make her to regret her actions by working hard to succeed in life. God will surely send u the right woman.Cheers

  16. Oga u dey craze, u dey mad, I neva see food chop na woman I go dey tink , for dis buhari time .oga u r unemployed go nd luk for a job , fix urself into somtin , nd be busy wit ur time .u hear

  17. It is a painful phase in life,please hold on bro,I don’t know if this will get to u,I hope it does,women go thru it,men do too,no shame in crying,there is no better remedy for a broken heart but God and time.u have to grieve.then u will heal,take care bro.

  18. Stop looking for a replacement,it will only make u look desperate and end up in a deeper shit…when my ex left me I shifted d time n focus on my studies n job,now my bank acct is my gf…don’t tryna hold on to anyone who wanna leave cuz they end up leaving with Ur heart destroyed..

  19. You cry cos the only solace in your poverty left you and all hope is lost. Turn your tears to God and see what will happen. Get something doing and see you will be driving girls away that are willing to die for your sake.

  20. nenye,if you say that. its cool. tit for tat. its either ladies breaks ur heart or vice versa. i dnt need to love cause i wouldnt like to make them rain curse on me.i gat to be wise. sisters and bros,make una no vex

  21. So Uve said something now right??? Is money everything?…do u know if d guy is financially ok? , it is girls like u who makes some foolish men steal or do money ritual just to satisfy u financially…..u said shit!

  22. Guy take heart……u loved her stop saying u love her and u said she hurts u a lot, o’boy u beta 4get about her and move on with ur life ok?….she’s nt ur GURL u guys av been acting movie all dis while Uve been together , u no know say women plenty pass men for dis life?….u beta find ur own woman and 4get abt dat one see as u dey cry like tata!

  23. This guy is okay because na cry him fit afford not kill himself like others did. Am happy for this guy. Guy find plenty money she go crazy come back but na you go make decision whether you still need her or not. You got love but no enough bars! Check am

  24. Omor you no be original naija guy na china guy u be ,ur follow come don liv u run ..e be like say all this love movie wey una dy watch don enter ur brain ni ..naija guys no dy cry dem go just light up their weeds happiness go full him body ..him go say beautiful ones are not yet born and there are still many fish in the ocean …

  25. I feel fr u dear although avnt bin inna situation lik dis bfr but I knw how it feels…u just av to take heart en move on cos it isn’t d end of d world….better ladies ar outsyd waiting fr ur beckon call….wipe ur tears,eat,en go clubbin dats al

  26. I believe those guys mocking him haven’t fallen in real love b4… Wen ur really inlove n it happens 2 u like this u will understand y dis guy is crying… Same 2 girls it hurts extremely… Girls full o but getting a good girl is kinda hard now… Money is not everything getting a girl.. Yes girls will flock around they r hoes n gold diggers.. So guy i feel ur pains!

  27. Bro u just have to accept this truth, that girl is not yours, u can never keep what is not yours, God will provide u another comforter better than her. Hope is not because of your attitude that she left u?

  28. Instead of crying for a girl who doesn’t care about you, pls, concentrate on how u can develop urself and get out of ur financial problems. A gal who truly loves u will never let go no matter ur situation. Unconditional love conquers every thing!

  29. Ekoja Philip Nerii just checked you out now to really even notice you not yet supposed to be on social media, I don’t waste time on toddlers, go through so many comments here, am sure you will learn something, and stop supporting a senseless post from one girl who can’t defend what she wrote

  30. Brother… My simple advice is take things easy as OK. She might come back to you, maybe she just wanna see your reaction, but before then find things to do to keep you busy so u can think less…It really hurts sha, i understand

  31. Its very hurt and painful dear, but remember God has a bigger plans for u.and knew he she will be source of distraction to u.hold on very soon d lord will bring u some one dt will not compromise but happily journey with u dt glorious destiny of urs.

  32. abeg she’s saying the truth …I ve experienced it too..when he was broke he always cry and plead but now that he’s working he boldly tell me that if am no longer interesed I should better let him know…so that he will no what to do.

  33. if a guy can cater for her lady I dnt see any reason she will leave him for another ..why not work hard to make her comfortable in your life instead of crying in front of her all the time…

  34. nawa,,,,so funny,,,,,na girl turn you like dis,,,,,dats y is good to rise in love ,not falling in love anyhow,,,,,who love help,,,,,,,continue crying,oboy you better wipe your tears and get busy with your life

  35. Ayaaa, sorry ooo, water plenty for ur eyes, na im u no go cry for buhari make Nigeria better, u dey cry for babe, n if we go look am now d girl no worth am nor fine, wey women yapa for everywhere, where woman plenty reach some boys get 20, na im u dey cry, u dey craze, u enter lagoon, or u hang ur self shiooo, ode

  36. Is this real,if it is real this is all I ve to say,cry cry baby I want to c my girlfriend shame,abeg wipe ur eyes jare,u too cry,may be is bcus of ur cry cry for every little thing that made her leave,who knows.

  37. Not all men are the same, maybe the girl left him because he doesn’t longer have money to take care of her needs, you know some girls are like that they don’t like you when you are poor only when you are rich.

  38. U r not just a beautiful girl alone.also wise and! U r 1 in millions.biko na.still dey my kneel.make dat most luckiest guy.i uglie.i knw.but ur pressense in my life will surely make m more dan just handsome…..pls inaox me ur line.or I add u?????

  39. that’s one of the price tag that comes with when loving someone who never give a damn about ya.. but don’t worry no one worth those tears.. just be cool hold on to ya love.. never stop loving coz love is the only thing that makes life worth living and some day true love will come ya way.. Jesus is love.. love him first and he never let you shade sorrowful tears like this anymore

  40. Of all this thing ehn…na the catarrh wey De comot him nose taya me…ahn why?..and I read some poverty stricken ladies saying he must have been broke that’s why he cried?..una name na ODE..add am after una surname…The rich also cry

  41. My dear weda u r under age or over age like some reply here says, the truth remains that what u said is true cos it happens alot. The only crime u committed here is saying it out cos some people don’t like it wen u tell them d truth to their faces and obviously most pple here r guilty of it. So kudoos for d comment cos its has element of truth even though pple won’t accept it.

  42. My sister leave heartbreak stories for another day cos my own heart don pieces finish, no remaining to break again. But my consolation is always that whatever one sows, that he will reap.

  43. Why crying, please don’t ignore her u will get a better and a good friend who will love u more than u love the other girl. She have a new boy friend who is better and rich than u so let her go u get a bea and a good girl who will be ur future wife

  44. Cry no more believe good things is coming ur way by his grace don’t give up ok God is there for you an a good girl is on the way to make u smile forever and ever just say Amen and u will see it happen

  45. Guy why are you crying like a baby? You are funny, i know how you feel but this is not the end of your life ooooo!!! Stop crying like a child, what is love? Love is when you find your true love. My advice for you is to let her go stop thinking about her, cos i believe she’s not your soulmate meaning she’s not your own. Face your life and your future be like a man. Your own is waiting for you but you dont know. If she’s you own she we come back for you. Be happy oooo

  46. Olodo… for this recession u still want de fornicate abi? Money no de u wan de waste energy… hahahaha some chewing gum Boys sef with super glue love de make me laugh… hahahah

  47. Well it’s only guys whose heart is made of glass that cries. Real men don’t cry cos their hearts are made of kpomo

  48. I understand how painful it can be when u are in love but what would u do than to let her go if she doesn’t need u anymore. There are lots of girls out there that need true love like yours. Go out and search. Thank God u are a man and u are handsome enough but make sure u have work at hand o. A word is enough for d wise

  49. What the Babe said is nothing but the truth, please let’s face the fact here, if the lady that left the so called guy doesn’t add value to his life, he will not be crying like a baby.. It will be a relief that the girl left if definitely she’s a liability to him… But I guess her departure really took something meaningful out from the guys life… Bro take heart#MyCONDOLENCE

  50. Hahahaha, dis is so funny buh nt funny , guy buckle up , fashi dis babe i understnd ur feelings now , trust me she dnt worth it u got to move on

  51. You can’t live w/out her? Of course you can. Move on with your life. If she’s meant for you, she’ll definatelycome back to you.

  52. Just think about how to make money. U will forget her.. I’m always prepared for shits like that so I never get so hurt wen it happens I just focus more on having a super great future.. if someone decides to leave I. U shud b glad cos what is urs won’t leave u.. I can only justify ur tears if u lost her to death but anything other than that. Ur just disturbing urself

  53. Take heart go hustle make you bah na go com with her toothpick leg come beg u. Moreover there are over 1million single ladies looking for man. Even the Holy say at the is 1:10 means 1 man 10 women.

  54. Seeing u crying bcoz of a girl is a big disgrace to all men. My guy, stand up to ur feet and huzle for success.Use d pain she caused u to strive for success. SUCCESS is d best form of REVENGE.

  55. Maybe u r not sreawing him the way she wantd and mr B make her sreams and fell like so good..or ur pocket us get her out of ur memories..

  56. .Just like women will say… no man is worth my tears… i am telling you that no woman is worth your tears. You are an African male and crying is seen as weakness… There are many girls outside… Know yourself…

  57. Guy if u hv money she won’t leave u, but stop crying about women ok cux all women are d same and she has find her self another man who has money better than u, or do u want to do ritual money then contact me lete link u up now now and she will come back to u fast believe me

  58. Guy is okey stop crying this is how i feel when a guy i love so much left me aroder girl this year i cry to some point try to kill my self but there is no again in crying u just have to move with ur life dnt think about her again just think of how to make money bs has me that is all what i am think about now ok take heart

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