Controversial On Air Personality, Daddy freeze has reacted to viral magazine cover which shows popular model, Beverly osu smoking while dressed as a Catholic nun.

Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu

According to Daddy Freeze, he doesn’t see anything wrong with the picture because it is just a piece of clothing like any other sewn by a tailor.

His words:

I don’t understand the problem people have with this @beverly_osu post…..

No be cloth she wear? No be tailor sew am?

Was this attire invented by Jesus and his disciples or by religion?

If it was invented by Jesus, then I have a huge problem with it.

However, if it was invented by religion then I don’t understand what the fuss is….. Maybe someone should educate me.

By the way, I know a lot of nuns and priests who smoke.

Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu

His opinion was strongly opposed by some of his followers who advised him to try dressing in camouflage like a soldier and walk straight to a barrack.

One said,

”Freeze I agree with you ,
After all army uniform Na tailor sew am
As a bloody civilian sew your own wear am go army barracks and tell them your line. Make we see if they will agree with you or not.”

Daddy Freeze defends Beverly Osu


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