Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba bemoans women for wearing seductive outfits to the gym, revealing he quits going to the gym for this reason.

The actor shared his plight via his Instagram page, addressing women to dress appropriately in public spaces instead of misleading the men with their outfits.

Williams Uchemba

He questioned if men should not be allowed to the gym anymore as the outfits ladies wear have become unruly and appalling.

Williams noted that women are increasing in large numbers in the gym, tempting the men and chasing them from coming to exercise. Sometimes, these women tend to perform unnecessary exercise that doesn’t exist to act seductively.

Williams Uchemba

He revealed that he quit attending the public space to avoid meeting the ladies, instead, he set up a gym in his house. The actor noted that these ladies have appropriate outfits to wear to the gym but decide to dress inappropriately to lure different men.

He pleaded with the ladies to dress appropriately to the gym.

The actor’s opinion has sparked controversy as followers have flooded the comment section with their experiences while advising men to have self-control. The majority shared that inappropriate dressing at the gym is becoming rampant among women.

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