A well known Ghanaian pastor, Rev. Obofour thanked God for prosperity as he shared video of his mansion and exotic cars.

He’s the founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel worldwide and CEO of Sweet Tv.

Reverend Obofour flaunts

Few days ago, the controversial Ghanaian preacher, in a video that went viral, angrily disclosed the source of his wealth, claiming that the church doesn’t even take care of him.

Reverend Obofour flaunts

He equally revealed that he has about 14 to 15 serious companies to his name.

According to an insider, he claimed the pastor “has an oil company in Liberia, he has a gold firm, a water company, and numerous hotels. He even owns a private jet.”

In light of this, clergyman critic, Daddy Freeze commented…



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