Popular Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde, has shared her admiration for singer Davido, stating he is the reason she is most proud to be Nigerian.

The 26-year-old medical practitioner and thespian stated this while reacting to Yabaleftonline’s trivia question on Twitter.

“What are you most proud of as a Nigerian?” YBL asked her followers, and responding, Jemima said, Davido.”

Undoubtedly, Davido has played a significant role in putting Nigerian music on the world stage.

He has not only succeeded in making a name for himself but has also given a platform to other Nigerian artists to showcase their talents.

Davido’s influence extends beyond music. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts—giving back to his community and supporting various causes.

As Jemima puts it, “Davido is the reason I’m most proud to be Nigerian.”

His music reflects the vibrant and colorful culture of Nigeria, and his success showcases the talent and potential that the country has to offer.

Meanwhile, Davido’s lawyer, Bobo F. Ajudua popularly known as Prince, has recounted how they met in school and their happy times together.

He claimed that although Davido was two grades below him at the British International School where they both went, his music regularly disturbed him.

Prince claimed that Davido was and still is a musical prodigy and that he was a terror in school, but he wished for him to put his studies before music or any other pursuits.

The attorney, who disclosed this in an interview with The Punch, also recalled how Davido approached him several years after graduation when he had already achieved fame, and requested that he serve as his business manager and attorney.

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