Israel DMW reacts

Davido’s personal logistics manager, Israel Afeare, also known as Israel DMW, has reacted to a doctor’s statement about the advantages of marrying virgins.

The doctor, with the Twitter handle @FirstDoctor, had taken to the microblogging platform to share the benefits of marrying undefiled women, urging men to choose them over women who have been deflowered.

 Israel DMW reacts

According to the doctor, the likelihood of divorce, emotional baggage, psychological damage, and contracting sexually transmitted diseases is lower when a man marries a virgin.

Read his full tweet below,

“If you have the choice, marry a virgin;

Less chances of divorce.
Less emotional baggage.
Less psychological damage.
Less ‘wokenized’.
Less risks of STIs.
Less likely to cheat.
Better respect for you.
Better morals and self control.

Stronger bond with you: they lose their pair bonding capacity as they rack up body counts.

Past behavior is a succinct predictor of future behavior. Little or nothing changes.

The more promiscuous, the more unmarriageable.

The less promiscuous, the more peace.”

Interestingly, Israel DMW spotted the post on social media and couldn’t hold himself back from responding to it.

He commented, “HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” indicating his disagreement with the doctor’s tweet.

His remark is undoubtedly related to his failed marriage to his estranged wife, Sheila Courage, which didn’t last up to a year even though he married her as a virgin.

See below,

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