Mary Remmy Njoku asks

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku, has bewailed the struggle of commuting from Lagos Mainland to the Island on a daily basis.

The ROK TV founder took to her Instagram page to complain bitterly about the stress following an unpleasant experience.

Mary Remmy Njoku asks

Mary, who was going to the Island, said she left her home on the mainland as early as 6AM but was still stuck in “mad” traffic.

She then asked her fellow mainlanders who work on the Island how they do it everyday, adding that commuting between locations daily is not healthy.

The 37-year-old actress wrote,

“Dear fellow mainlanders

How do you go to work on the Island everyday?

I left 6AM and the traffic is mad.
I need the hack pls

“I can’t do this. Doing this everyday isn’t healthy at all”

Her post has sparked massive reactions from netizens, who shared the strategy they use to evade traffic.

wrote, “Except you have to be on the island early, schedule island appointments from like 12 noon, so you can avoid the morning rush, then leave latest 3 pm if possible. It’s not always possible sha, so fingers crossed and prayers up❤️”

@Iamyvonnejegede wrote, “My darling it’s not healthy at all. Most people wait till after 9pm to go back home to avoid rush.”

@balo_ng wrote, “I wake up by 3:30/4am and usually leave the house by 4:30am…This routine is exhausting, fatiguing and draining but man gotta do what he gotta do 😢”

@rethae_medae wrote, “The stress in Lagos Nigeria no easy at all imagine leaving home everyday 4.30am to come back home very late all because of traffic .”

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