Nigerian mother cries

A video that captures the moment a distraught mom broke into tears after seeing her autistic son outside in the snow without his jacket, has gone viral online.

The mother documents the process of raising her autistic non-verbal son, Akintade, on TikTok to help other parents with autistic kids in their journey.

In the recent video she posted online, the mother, who was upset and heartbroken, disclosed that her paid carer took her son out in freezing weather without his jacket or proper covering against the cold.

Nigerian mother cries

The woman was heard crying profusely as she filmed her son who was wearing only a sweater, and appeared to be cold but couldn’t express his discomfort because he can’t talk.

She also pointed out that the carer was well dressed with a jacket and head warmer, while her son was exposed to the cold.

Nigerian mother cries

She said she saw them by the road while she was driving home, and wondered what would have happened to her son if she wasn’t around.

The heartbroken mom while crying bitterly, further lamented over the fact that they are not allowed to choose a carer for their wards in the country.

Watch the depressing video below,

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