Sophia Momodu declares

Popular singer, Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu, has revealed that her daughter, Imade Adeleke, is currently ill and has been hospitalized.

The embattled mum took to Snapchat to share a video of her sick daughter that appeared to have been filmed in a hospital.

Sophia Momodu declares

The seven-year-old, who was dressed in a hospital gown, was seen walking to the restroom with a cannula attached to her hand while her mother followed behind with the drip stand.

Sophia posted the video and insinuated that her daughter’s illness was caused by the devil.

“One thing I know about the devil.. he’s gonna tell a lie but we move”, she captioned the clip.

Sophia’s post has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many concerned fans sending heartfelt prayers to Imade.

@asha_fred wrote, “She is healed in Jesus name .”

@adorableapril_c wrote, “Healing is yours baby ,get well soon ❤️.”

@hair_by_ijefine wrote, “Affliction will never rise again Amen.”

However, some netizens berated Sophia for sharing the video online, and accused her of seeking pubic attention.

@st.oluseyi wrote, “Person dey take drip and her mother thought the best is to post her on social media. People really foolish.”

@splendstar said, “Get well soon kid. There’s no need posting this on social media. I don’t know why people feed on the media a lot.”

@feranmi_omomummy123 wrote, “Why she go post this kind thing for God sake?everything must be on social media?Take care of that Girl and leave social media validation for God sake ah!!!”

Watch the clip below,

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