A wife has taken to Twitter to share her side of the story after her husband claimed on the micro-blogging platform that he abandoned her and their two children for his peace of mind.

It all started after a Twitter user identified as @Polo_kimani asked married men if they had ever thought of abandoning their family and disappear into thin air.

“Married men on my Timeline, How many times have you thought of waking up you leave and not comeback? You just disappear”, Polo_kimani’s read.

Reacting to the tweet, a Kenyan man identified as @alexnjeng said he left for work one day and never returned home to his wife of 8 years, his two kids, and all his belongings.

He stated that he left to start a new life in order to have peace of mind.

“Boss, after 8 years of marriage, I left on 31st December 2021 for work and never came back. I left my 2 kids, my 3 bedroom house worth more than 10 million, my car and everything to start afresh. Sometimes, peace is worth leaving behind material things,” he tweeted.

His tweet soon went viral, and his wife got wind of it and charged to the microblogging platform to share her own side of the story.

Quoting his tweet, the wife narrated how he left her with an autistic daughter and never checked up on them or reached out to them, only to see his tweet claiming to have left for his peace.

“I was busy at work then a mutual triend sent me this tweet. I had to come see for myself. You left an autistic daughter behind and are busy lying online? The guy has never checked on his kids. He has never even stopped by to see if the kids are well,” she wrote.

“If its peace, he could be seeing his kids. But nothing. 1 year later. I have speech therapy to attend. Therapy for an autistic daughter. The guy is still bad mouthing us. Bana chill.” She added.

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