Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz has accused his baby mama, Hamisa of trying to bewitch him and his mother after a voice note of a conversation between a woman who sounds like Hamisa and a native doctor leaked.

Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, has accused Hamisa Mobetto and her mother Shufaa Lutigunga of using love potions to try and lure Diamond Platnumz into their trap.

According to Mama Dangote, the duo visited a witchdoctor for the sole purpose of displacing Diamond’s first baby mama, Zari Hassan and turning the musician’s heart and love towards Hamisa.

In a voice note that has gone viral online, a voice similar to that of Hamisa can be heard talking to an unidentified witch doctor.

The voice asked the witch doctor to make Diamond’s mother like her like before. She also said she was tired of Diamond hiding her and showing off his other lovers.

Diamond and his mother believe Hamisa was attempting to force the musician into a marriage he did not want. Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote believes Hamisa wants Diamond to stop caring about Zari’s kids and fully focus on her.

Some days back, rumor was going round that Diamond’s mother Mama Dangote and his sister Esma Platnumz held an audition to find a lady who could imitate Hamisa and her mother’s voice so they could frame her for using juju on Diamond.

But Diamond responded in an interview with Wasafi TV, noting that he has received and heard the voice notes and identified the voice as that of the Hamisa and her mother.

He claims that Hamisa and her mother are trying to kill his mother and also trying to twist stories to make it seem like his mother Mama Dangote and sister Esma Platnumz are the evil ones.

Diamond claims that he identified the voice and confronted Hamisa about it.

Swipe through the videos below to watch the alleged conversation between Hamisa and the witch doctor and also Diamond’s interview slamming Hamisa for engaging in witchcraft.

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