Dino Melaye Calls Out Sahara Reporters As “ Olodos”!


One of Nigeria’s most outspoken and popular Senator, Dino Melaye, has just bought himself a brand new luxury toy!

According to Sahara Reporters Melaye got a 2015 Slingshot said to be worth about $24 , 000 (N 4.1 M at the current bank rate which NO ONE not even banks use!) . The red three wheeler which looks very inappropriate for the bad Nigerian roads which are filled with potholes, has his trademark personalized plates “ Dino ” , was launched yesterday in Abuja causing quite a stir from onlookers.

It ’s amazing …when our country is going through harsh economic trials , people losing their jobs left and right , a sitting senator decides to show off his latest luxury acquisition .

See more pictures of the car & Twitter reactions (including Dino ’ s ) below;

Looks like Sahara used the CBN bank rate cos at the Black Market rate which is what everyone changes at the vehicle is worth over 7 Million Naira!

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