A Germany-based man has disclosed that his wife earns thrice his monthly salary and he doesn’t feel intimidated or embarrassed.

Man says

The man, identified as Seth with Twitter handle @sethfromcove, said his wife is the breadwinner and he doesn’t have a problem with it.

Man says

He added that he happily does the dishes in their home.

In a follow-up tweet, he revealed that his wife was successful before he met her and he has no intention to dim her shine.

“My wife makes 3x more than I do a month. You think I’m embarrassed? You think I’m hurt not being the breadwinner? Not one bit. I do the dishes like the good little husband I am.” he tweeted.

Seth’s post generated mixed reactions on social media and some people argued that he should support his wife and assist her with chores, regardless of their income difference.

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