22-year-old Angolan socialite and serial entrepreneur, Mya Jesus, has addressed those criticising her relationship with her older lover.

The businesswoman and model caused a buzz online on Thursday after she announced her engagement to her older lover.

According to her, her man, with whom she has been in talks for less than a month, proposed marriage to her only a few days after they started dating.

The elated bride-to-be said she has always known that the person she would eventually say yes to would come easily, with no struggle, questioning, pains, or breaks.

I said yes to my best friend, my love, and true soulmate. (after almost a month of talking and few days of dating)
I always knew that the person I would finally say yes to would come easy, with no struggle, no questioning, no pains or breaks, I knew I wouldn’t have to go through “a lot”. She wrote in part.

Shortly after she shared the news of her engagement online, photos of her and her beau went viral, and netizens had a lot to say about the couple.

Due to their age difference, the majority of social media users opined that Mya is with her older boyfriend for his wealth.

Well, she’s now taken to her Instagram stories to react to the claim. Mya, in a very lengthy post, warned those making such conclusions about her to stop.

She noted that she is a self-made woman and not a girl who was sitting idle and just found herself a wealthy man.

Mya, who is a successful businesswoman, revealed she has been in business since she was 19, so she will not allow anyone to dismiss her years of hard work.

“Y’all making it look like I’m just a girl who was spending her days in front of the camera and found a wealth man. Completely dismissing all my years of hard work”. She wrote in part.

See her post below,

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