A Caucasian man has shared on the microblogging platform X why he stopped being friends with a close pal.

He disclosed that this friend of his is set to divorce his wife who has stage 3 breast cancer with claims that he had grown apart from her.

The user who shared the dilemma online said that the man was divorcing his wife because he couldn’t handle her undergoing her cancer treatment and was just using claims of ‘growing apart’ to cover up.

The man who felt awful over his friend’s decision decided to stop being friends with him and promise to stand by his wife who has always been good to him.

His tweet read;

“Just found out a friend of mine is divorcing his wife, who has stage 3 breast cancer. She didn’t do anything awful. He said he had just grown apart from her. He is no longer my friend, and I clearly misjudged him as a man. She has always been kind to me. I’m going to see if she needs anything because he can’t be a man. Shameful. Am I being harsh? Did I break the bro code? No, you simply don’t divorce your wife while she is in cancer treatment because you can’t handle it.”

While some internet users noted that his reasons were valid, others asked that he create a GoFundMe for her, so they could donate.

See tweet below,

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