A Nigerian DJ identified as Frisky has shared how he narrowly escaped death in a car accident four days before his birthday

He took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to celebrate his birthday and express gratitude to God for being alive.

He shared a video of his car completely totaled from the accident but he was able to escape unscathed.

“4 days ago I had a ghastly car crash, car written off…yet came out unscathed!

It’s my birthday today & I’m alive & well. I congratulate myself for being a strong survivor. Thank you Jesus” he tweeted.

Watch the video below;

In related news, a Nigerian woman conveyed her appreciation to God after surviving a multi-car collision in which her vehicle and other vehicles skidded over a bridge in Ikire, Osun state.

She uploaded a video online in which all the accident-related automobiles can be seen submerged in the river but did not state what caused the accident.

All those involved in the accident and passersby can be heard expressing gratitude to God for helping them escape what would have been a major disaster.

Watch the video here.

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