Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has hit back at her colleague, Dave Ogbeni who hinted at her move on from her ex-husband and stop dwelling on the relationship and its drama.

According to Dave, it was irritating for people to constantly dwell on their ex without moving on and keep putting the drama online.

In his words;

“All these ex husband and ex boyfriend drama is quite irritating though. Can they just keep quite and handle things privately or move on for goodness sake”

This unsolicited advice did not sit well with Tonto Dikeh and she took to her Instagram page to call out people for giving advice on an issue they had no experience with.

She wrote;

“To the move on gang” I’m sorry to say that no amount of the shaming will deter me from “speaking my story”
It’s called my because it belongs to me. to be told whenever and where ever I choose to.
No one teaches us how to go through our nightmares. it’s my horror to speak…
You can’t teach me how to tell my story!!
So do save the word “Move on* cause i’ll make you type that many more
times& we gon be around a long time hearing my story when i feel like it!!
No man born of a woman can stop me/limit my voice or change my story
Finally you don’t tell a woman to move on from a man she dumped make it make sense”

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