Popular Nigerian radio personality, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi has taken to her social media page to advise her fellow creatives to learn to say ”No” to family members/close friends who are in the habit of not paying for work done.

She shared her experience with a close associate whom she helped promote her flyer that later offered to pay a far lesser price when she wanted another promotion.

Her tweets below ;

Dear creatives , do not hesistate to say “NO” to family members / family friends who don’t want to pay for your work. When I was mc’ing weddings a few yrs ago – some aunties /uncles will say “Come & MC your cousins wedding” but wouldn’t want to pay. I’m not around Ma.

Makeup artistes /photographers /artistes suffer this too.

One said “Please help me post this flyer on your IG page .” I helped her the first time . The second time , she came again & said “Please help me post this on your page and send your Acct details – let me send you 20k for the weekend “
I didn’t reply . You’ve got jokes .

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