Jenifa and Funke

So we all know how the two Nollywood actresses made the best comic duo in the popular movie, that really made a breakthrough for the both of them but it seems that bond between them may have been broken as they have been ignoring each other on certain important dates.

Jenifa herself had her birthday few weeks ago, on August 24 and she was flooded with well-wishes from colleagues and fans, Gbogbo Bigz gurl on the other hand, notably ignored Jenifa on her favourite social media accounts.

It later became apparent that she indeed, deliberately ignored Funke when she came online on the same day to wish one Prince Jeleel Adekoya a happy birthday on both Instagram and Twitter to remove doubts that she was online.

Just yesterday, September 7, Gbogbo bigz gurl had her birthday and just as she refrained from wishing her newly-married colleague a happy birthday publicly, Jenifa too played Deja Vu.

The pair were last spotted publicly together in 2014 and we can’t help but wonder why the relationship between the two erstwhile friends have turned cold.

Oh well…

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