A young Nigerian man has been left completely heartbroken after catching his girlfriend cheating.

The heartbroken man, identified as @drpenking on Twitter, said he caught the girlfriend in bed with his friend.

It appears she was having an affair with his friend while in a relationship with him, and he only just found out when he caught them together.

Meanwhile, the doctor had taken to Twitter a few months ago to praise the girlfriend and how he doesn’t deserve her after she surprised him with a gift after he finished his housemanship.

“I completed my housemanship today and I received a surprise call and the surprise gift. I legit shed tears today. 😭 I don’t deserve this woman. 😭😭. Off to the next level in the profession. Closer than ever to Japa.” He wrote.

However, only months later, he announced that the relationship had come to an end.

He quoted his previous tweet praising her and wrote, “I caught her with my friend  💔.”

In other news, media personality, Toke Makinwa has opened up honestly about the impact of her traumatic robbery experience.

The businesswoman had disclosed that three days after attending Nollywood Actress, Rita Dominic’s wedding in North Yorkshire, England, she had her valuables stolen in London.

Taking to her Instagram story on Thursday afternoon December 1, she described the incident as the most traumatic experience she has ever had, adding that watching the CCTV footage to relive the moment was devastating.

“Thank you so much for all your calls and messages. Probably the most traumatic experience I’ve had and watching the CCTV of how I was robbed is devastating but thank God no physical harm was done.

“Material things, however, steep, can and always will be replaced. Thankful that’s all they took. It’s not how I wanted to begin December but life is lived forward and understood backwards. It will make sense someday.” Toke Makinwa wrote.

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