Grammy award winner, Damini Ogulu better known as Burna Boy, has taken to social media to question if anything really mattered.

The singer took his Instagram story to question if this reality was real and if any of the decisions or choices people made mattered.

He wrote;

“Sometimes I feel like we are all just living in some type of video game or computer simulation.
Does anything really matter?”

There has been no confrmatuon as to what triggered such deep thpughts from Burna boy but netizens opined that it may have something to with his ex girlfriend, Stefflon Don moving on.

A while back, Burna Boy reacted after his ex-girlfriend, Stefflon Don, threw a shade at him.

Stefflon Don, whose over two-year relationship with the self-styled African giant ended in 2021, appeared to mock her ex-lover in a video she shared on TikTok yesterday, November 10.

In the video, Steff was seen dancing energetically to a TikTok sound with the caption, “When he is a man and not a mummy’s boy,” insinuating that she would be overjoyed if she met a prospective suitor who was not a mummy’s boy. Read here.

Fans concluded that the video was an attack on Burna, who is being managed by his mother, Bose Ogulu, and he has now reacted.

Reacting to the shade, Burna took to his insta-stories and simply told Stefflon Don to move on.

“Move on”, he wrote.

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