The co-founder of Sahara Group, Tonye Patrick Cole, has gone online to shower accolades on his wife, Sylvia, for the selfless sacrifices she made in the early years of their marriage.

Taking to his Twitter page, the oil mogul, who is the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State, recounted how his wife supported their home with the salary she was receiving at the time.

He said his wife held the fort for their home when he was away on numerous business trips at the onset of his company, Sahara Group.

According to him, people should not be jealous when they see his wife enjoying the fruit of her labour because she worked for it.

The 55-year-old businessman and politician shared a throwback picture with his wife and wrote,

“Starting Sahara many years ago, my wife and I made a tough decision to put everything I had at the time into setting up the company. For the first 2 years or more, I didn’t earn a salary, and all the money we managed to make went back into the company.

My wife, @sylvie6000 was a registrar at the University of Lagos in LUTH at the time. I remember we had a toddler, my son, to cater for, and I had to be in Port-Harcourt for long periods during those 2 years.

Those were some tough years, but my wife proved herself to be tougher. Sahara is successful today because of the sacrifice she made back then.

She supported me so much that she held the home, put food on the table, paid our rent, all with her salary for more than 2 years.

Covering for me like she did, gave me the confidence and clarity of mind to focus and build Sahara.

Today, if you see her enjoying the fruit of her labour, please don’t be jealous, she actually worked for it, and paid a price for it; the price of standing by me, believing in me when I needed her the most.

Till this moment, she still stands by me, supporting me all the way, especially since I made the decision to climb this political mountain.

To my amazing and outstanding wife, Sylvia Cole, medical doctor extraordinaire, wife of a special class, beauty with brains, exceptional woman! This is a small note to say, THANK YOU! I love you.”

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