An aggrieved young Nigerian man has taken his time to pen down on an issue he sees as hopeless in the country – Lawrence Jr Tröý, took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts on leadership in the country.

According to Lawrence, Nigerian youths should not be blamed for engaging in frivolous acts, as they’re only trying to survive a day in the country, cause there’s no hope for them ruling the country tomorrow.

He wrote alongside a photo of young Presidents of France, Luxembourg, Canada and Belgium:

But here in my country, they take the greats from the past and compare us (youth), I wonder if the greats could survive in this generation.. Where we have been coerced and forced into a mindset of surviving for 24 hours and we are least concerned about leadership because the elders who ruled when they were younger have refused to abdicate the chair and in turn give hope to the youngers ones.

Y’all should not blame a young man in a bet9ja shop trying win through virtual gaming, things are hard fam, and we’ve grown without a rock solid foundation.

I weep as I write this because we lack knowledge and yes the elder ones have got to share the bulk of the blame
Corruption, oppression, envy, cheating, lies, fraud identity, we all learnt these from our elders
How ever I have hope that someday …things will change for the better , an evolution is coming, and the few of us in different parts of this country can “feel it coming”
It will be well
God bless Nigeria

Nigerian Guy Writes



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