Deji Adeyanju warns

Popular Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanju, has taken to Twitter to warn people on the dangers of sleeping with a drunk person.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform on Monday, May 9, the activist told people to turn down the sexual advances of anyone that is drunk on alcohol.

According to him, it’s better to say NO because when the effect of the alcohol wears off, the person might accuse them of rape since they were not in their right state of mind during the intercourse.

He tweeted,

“Don’t ever have sex with a drunk person no matter how much pressure they put on you to do so. When they become sober in the morning, they might turn it to rape. This is free but very expensive advice.”

A while ago, Deji Adeyanju opined that this generation of Nigerians is one of the most hopeless, only caring about sex, vibe, and free money.

Adeyanju made this assertion in a post shared on his Instagram page on Thursday, February 10.

According to him, there are just a few people with strong values, so if one is opportune to find a few sensible ones, they should try to keep them.

In his words,

“This generation is one of the most hopeless ever. All they care about is sex, vibe and free money. Once you find someone that offers more with strong values, try your best to keep them. Sensible people in this generation may be less than 10k. Both men and women are the same”.

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