A Nigerian man living in the UK has proved to people online that some things are way cheaper in the UK than in Nigeria.

Sharing on his TikTok page @vicko_update he flaunted the chicken drumstick he bought for 3.5 pounds with claims that you can’t get something like this in Nigeria for that same amount.

He also added that he purchased the protein which was about 14 drumsticks in total with his fifteen-minute earning in the UK.

According to him, people who have plans of relocating to the UK shouldn’t listen to people who talk down on the place because things are way cheaper there than where they are coming from.

In the video, he said; “Keep on doubting, UK is very expensive. I just bought these two chickens at the rate of 3.5 for both. This is fifteen fifteen-minute job earning in UK. You keep saying UK is expensive, I don’t want to go to the UK you can’t even get these 2kg chicken at the rate of twenty thousand naira which is almost Nigeria’s monthly minimum wage. You say the UK is expensive but see what I bought with what I am making in fifteen minutes I can’t even finish it, continue playing while people are making money abroad. Some things are cheap to an extent over here you can’t even compare it to Nigeria where a full chicken is almost the price of the minimum wage. This banana I bought it for 1 pound, can you if buy Nigeria banana for one pound”

While some internet users hailed him for telling the truth, others shared that things might be cheaper over there but the quality of some products are low.

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