Big Brother Naija ‘shine ya eye housemate’, Angel has warned fellow housemate, Cross against touching her in a romantic way.

The duo who refer to themselves as bestfriends in the house has at different times been spotted kissing and cuddling. Well, Angel seem to be done with all the ‘touching’ without being in a relationship and has now issued a stern warning to cross.

Whitemoney's epic

According to her, it’s wrong for them to be kissing and cuddling since they only see themselves as bestfriends.

“Don’t touch me, because bestfriends do not touch each other in that regard, at least not in my own definition of bestfrinedship”, Angel told Cross.

Watch video below,

In other news, Cross has revealed that he has the tendencies to flirt with other ladies even when he is married.

Cross, in a conversation with Angel, Whitemoney and Queen, said he is a natural flirt and it would take a lot for him to be committed to one woman.

However, he noted that the only reason why he can stay faithful to his wife is if he genuinely loves her otherwise he will continue flirting with other women.

His words,

“I know that naturally I’m a flirt and that’s why I keep saying that I have the tendencies of flirting even when I’m married.

”As for me, It will take the effort of a whole village for a woman to be able to hold me down. But, the case might be different if I genuinely have feelings for my partner. Once that’s the case then I could be the most loyal partner ever.”


  1. Cross if actually you ain’t ready to commit and settle for a one lady….then you should also be on the lookout for a flirt like you…. while you are still single and evil when you eventually gets married… make sure you also marry a flirt… you guys will be compatible…no body it’s gonna feel bad about the other…

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