Nollywood actress Doris Simeon had a chat with Encomium soft-sell magazine recently.

In the chat she talks about being a businesswoman and how she has been able to combine being an actress and running a successful saloon.

She also touches on her private life – including the fact that she misses her son, might get remarried and that her divorce case with Daniel Ademinokan is still in court.

She also addresses rumours that she was recently heartbroken by ThisDay Newspaper’s Political Editor, Wale Olaleye.

Read excerpts below.

On her current project: I am on my latest shoot.  I am just on break.  I am planning to finish it this week.  For now, the working title is The Victim, which will definitely change along the line because I realized Mercy Aigbe too had shot a movie called, The Victim.  And after this week’s shoot, I am planning to do a bigger movie.  Also, I am working on my TV show.

On making profit from her saloon: It’s very profitable.  When you buy hair of N200,000 and you see about three or four people buying from you per day, the gain on that alone is something.  Ordinarily, as a businesswoman, I may not get it for N200,000 but when you put the cost of transportation and other miscellaneous expenses attached to getting it, it will be around that amount.

On why she opened a saloon: I won’t say it’s because movies are not doing well and that’s why I went into hairdressing. It’s just because I have passion for it, even since when I was very young.  And it’s what our mom trained us with since the beginning of our lives.  It’s what we all grew up to know.  We’re always in the shop with her, trying to help her, especially when it comes to festive period when customers would keep trooping in.  We would be left with no alternative than to assist her so that she won’t be much stressed.  We must make sure everything went on well.  Since then, I have to sit up, continue learning from wherever we think we need to go and learn and put in more effort into our career.

On not having her son in her custody: No mother will be happy if her child is not with her. But then, that’s still my private life just like I keep saying, and I am dealing with it.

On a possible reconciliation with Daniel: Just like I said, everything concerning that is my private life, and I want to keep it private.

On rumours she was heartbroken by Wale Olaleye’s recent marriage: I have no comment on that.  I still see it as part of my life as a celebrity.  If I walk in the street with another man, people will just say or write one or two things about it.  So, it’s just one of those things. I am used to it. Wale is my friend just like he is to you as well.  Whether we like it or not, people in the media and those of us in entertainment are all friends. I don’t understand what you said they’re saying.  Were they there when we’re discussing that?  Are they prophets?  They should tell you and shed light on where they heard the story that we’re dating and that we wanted to get married.

On being a single mother: It’s even about five years we have separated.  And as a single mother, I think I love it.  I am a single mother, I love my child and I live my life.  It’s just one of those things but if by tomorrow God says this is who I am getting married to again, all well and good.  But, however it’s, as per my present situation, I am enjoying my life and thanking God because I am alive and I can eat without begging anybody for food. I believe as long as there is life, there is always hope in everything you do.  So, with my present situation, I thank God for everything.

On giving marriage another shot: Just like I said, if God says it’s time for me to get married again, all well and good. We’re still in court.  So, I don’t want to talk further on that.

On her marriage to Daniel Ademinokan: No one will be happy when one is heart broken or one has a broken home.  I don’t like dwelling on the past or crying over spilled milk.  What concerns me most is focusing on my future and whatever it is I need to do at the moment.


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