A young lady has advised her fellow woman on the dangers of being in a relationship where both parties are broke, a situation she refers to as “Double Poverty”.

The lady took to her social media page to share a video of herself warning women who are broke not to date a guy who is also broke. She insinuates that nothing good can come out of such arrangement.

She’s heard saying,

“Ladies, double poverty does not make sense. If you are broke, if you are poor, if you are in poverty, you cannot date someone who is also in poverty. It doesn’t make sense”

She then asserts that if ladies should indulge in such situation, it would only result in them leading a much harder life than when they were just single and poor.

She goes on to emphasize the importance of not indulging in double poverty and addressed men who claim that if a lady is broke, she as well shouldn’t be looking for a man with money.

The lady says the opposite is the case as a broke lady should be the one in dire need of a man who has money.

Watch her speak,

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