A groom landed himself in the hospital on his wedding night following his attempt to serenade his new bride — an action which unfortunately caused him to dislocate his elbow.

A video which was shared online by wedding videographer, Tom Healy shows the Australian man identified as Adam Quinn telling his new wife, Helen he loves her “very much,” before deciding to show her through some wild dancing.

The clip then shows Adam running in a circle amongst his friends before he dramatically falls on his shoulder. The video then cuts to him being carried on a stretcher as he was taken to the hospital by paramedics.

Bride, Helen shared a photo of her in hospital with her groom and wrote: “In sickness and in health #weddingday.

Helen said that she and her new husband dealt with the “in sickness” part of their wedding vows only hours after exchanging them, as a result of some spilled beer.

“He came out to me and he was as white as a ghost,” she told Australian news site 7News.

“He told me that he thought he had broken his arm. It turned out he had dislocated his elbow,” she explained, saying they snuck out of the reception to get help.

“It’s pretty embarrassing and I get a little triggered looking at the photos and watching the video,” she admitted.

According to the groom, his unfortunate accident was a result of trying to be romantic.

“I was singing a classic love song, I thought it was really romantic,” he explained in the clip as he lay in a hospital bed with his shoulder strapped.

“But then I took a spill on a Corona! I think I’ve dislocated my elbow,” he said.

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