Drake has released a new single tagged Summer Sixteen and in the track he had a few words for the President of the United States, Barack Obama., Kanye West and Meek Mill

Recall In a Youtube Q&A earlier this month, Obama responded to questions ranging from movies to hip-hop.

When showed a photo of Kendrick Lamar and Drake, the music-loving president didn’t hesitate in making his choice known.

Obama and Kendrick Lamar. Photo By: MTV.com
Obama and Kendrick Lamar. Photo By: MTV.com

“[I] gotta go with Kendrick,” he said. “I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer[…]Kendrick…his lyrics, his last album, was outstanding. best album, I think, of last year.”

Being someone who takes pleasure in responding through music, Drake had some words for the American President in his new single, ‘Summer Sixteen.’

He Raps:

Looking for revenge
To do what you couldn’t do
Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips that he in
They bulletproof
Minus twenty we in Pitfield
That Kai’s kitchen in a Canada Goose
Famous as f*** but I’m still in the cut when they round up the troops
I’m just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me n*****
I let the diss record drop, you was staying right below me, n****
Why would I put a vest I expect you to aim for his head?
I coulda killed you the first time

Other people who didn’t escape Drake’s words Meek Mill (of course) and Kanye West.

For Kanye West

“Now I got a house in LA,
Now I got a bigger pool than ‘Ye,
And look, man, ‘Ye’s pool is nice,
Mine is just bigger, is what I’m saying.”

For Meek Mill

“I let the diss record drop, you were standing right below me, (expletive).
We must have played it a hundred times, you was going to bed.
Why would I put on a vest? I expect you to aim for the head.
I could’ve killed you the first time,
You don’t have to try to say it louder, (expletive).”

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