A group of women at a popular market made a scene recently after an evangelist who was there to preach made an unflattering remark about their colleague in his sermon.

It appeared the clergyman who was in the market to preach to the people there had called one of the women a prostitute in his sermon, and the other women didn’t hesitate to tackle him.

A video from the scene currently making the rounds showed the women confronting the preacher as they queried why he made such a comment about another man’s wife.

The evangelist insisted that he address them according to how they were dressed, despite the women’s protests that the preacher had no right to refer to another man’s wife as a prostitute.

Watch video below,

Video credit: INSTABLOG9JA.

In other news, a Nigerian man identified as Adebanjo david has narrated how a man lost his opportunity to go on a bus because he was looking for respect from a fellow passenger.

According to the narrator, the man who was the last to get to the bus station refused to sit in the available seat and demanded the woman who was already in her space, respect him and switch positions.

The woman refused to be bullied and showed him Lagos was not for the faint-hearted.

In his words ;

“Lagos is not for the Weak. I could remember when this lady I met in the bus sometimes ago made me realize that. So it happened that she was the first to board the bus going to Lekki from ogba,the first passenger, and she took the seat beside the driver.

Then passengers came in and it got to the last sit available, which is the second sit beside the driver, so this man came and said she should adjust inside that he wants to sit by the door .
That’s how casala burst, she said she can’t shift anywhere, that She was the first passenger and that’s where she’d love to sit, that the man should take the sit available.
The man said she lacks home training, that he has her as wife at home, that she lacks respect,..
(Ps: the next bus available is those big ones that takes time to fill)

They both dragged the matter for few minutes and grammar was flying around.

The lady: driver let’s go.
Driver: ta lo ma sowo aye to ku? (who will pay for the remaining sit?)
The lady: I’ll pay, let’s go. That’s how the man did not enter the bus and had to wait for the next one.”

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