Popular Instagram skit maker and comedian, Oluwadolarz, got into a fight over parking space in Ibadan today.

Oluwadolarz reportedly blocked the man’s car in a parking lot. When he eventually came out, the man yelled angrily at him, telling him he could have avoided blocking him by parking in other open spots.

The man was angry because he claimed he missed a meeting while waiting for Dolarz to move his car.

Oluwadolarz and his friend lost their cool after trying to apologize to the man and he remained adamant and kept calling him ‘young man”.

The man can be heard saying ‘no dey shout, young man, this is Ibadan. This only seemed to annoy Dolarz more and cause him to raise his voice.

Watch the video:

See some comments from netizens:

Toby wrote, “Some people self too like wahala you go tell them sorry dem go still dey drag the matter 😂e dey vex person”

Kambeauty wrote, “People will provoke you and when you react they start asking you why you’re yelling 🤭”

Prince wrote, “After prostrating? Big man, Na fellow man like you o. Most men won’t apologize, dem fit dec you join. But this man is simply telling you he’s sorry. You dey there dey form BUHARI.”

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