A viral video has captured the moment an elderly white woman deliberately spat on a black caregiver multiple times.

In the video the caregiver is seen washing the dishes while the elderly woman stands beside her, chewing something, before spitting at her.

The elderly woman continued chewing what she had in her mouth and even asked the caregiver if she wants more, as she spat on the caregiver repeatedly.

In the video which has since sparked outrage, the elderly woman spat at the black woman three times.

Watch video below,

In related news, Nigerians online have been enraged by a video made by a white man who disrespected a Nigerian woman based in Canada.

The man whose identity is yet to be known, shared the video on social media – in the video, he disrespectfully interrogates a Nigerian elderly woman who was begging for money on the streets of Canada.

The Nigerian woman says she needed to raise funds to pay for the medical needs of her 14 year old son who is sick.

The white man who is an American, called her a ”Black b*tch” with no self respect and dignity before bombarding her with very disrespectful questions.

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