A quite embarrassing moment where a NYSC corps member fell flat to the ground while parading herself on the runway, is one moment she won’t forget in a hurry.

During a social activities night at the mandatory 3-weeks orientation camp, the lady was among the contestants contesting for Miss Bold and Beautiful and when it was her turn to showcase herself, she suffered an embarrassing fall.

She’s seen marching on the spot, on a heighted surface, to the tune of the NYSC anthem and when she turns around to keep marching, she unfortunately falls down to the ground as people exclaimed and rushed to help her back up.

The lady is seen with her face on the ground as people tried to help her back up.

Watch the video as you scroll,

In other news, a young Nigerian man has been left in a state of ecstasy and pure joy after he successfully relocated from Nigeria to Canada.

A video shared online shows the moment the yet-to-identified man expressed his joy and excitement to finally relocate from Nigeria as he laid on the bare floor in Canada.

The excited man who wore a blue jean and white shirt, didn’t mind that his white shirt could get stained but sat on the floor and thanked God for finally escaping from slavery and the hands of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He also kept saying he has finally ‘arrived’ depicting that he has achieved his lifelong goal to travel out of Nigeria. Watch him here

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