Caramel plug tells

Popular Nigerian influencer and content creator, Caramel Plug, has said it is embarrassing for a man to help a woman with the expectation of receiving sex in return.

She made this assertion in a recent podcast session with media personality, Jermaine, while speaking on the controversial topic about men who demand sexual favors from women.

Caramel plug tells

According to Caramel, such men should be ashamed of themselves for helping a woman simply because they want to sleep with her. She said it is better for them to withhold their help than ask a woman for sexual favors.

The podcast has gone viral on social media and sparked a lot of debate and backlash from netizens.

While some people agreed with her stance, others disagreed, stating that most times it is women who offer to sleep with men in exchange for their help.

Caramel plug tells

Read some comments below,

@teeh_lifestyle wrote, “She’s right! The men that’d find this post offending are the ones that actually behave like that. 🙂”

@rosythrone wrote, “On this I totally agree with her!! Don’t help if u want something in return especially wen it has to do with s£x! It’s shameful this generation is of no real kindness but self-interest”

@officialbobbyfrederick_ wrote, “Please if u don’t have any mutual ties with men don’t ask things from people who are not ur brothers, father,uncle, cousin n won’t expect anything in return not everyone has the Spirit of giving”

@okehonyekachichukwuemeka wrote, “Oge, do you really want to have this conversation or you want to reap off on the sensationalism of the gist to harness some good traffic? I am a man, I have never helped any female in my life for a benefit which is selfish but unfortunately I keep getting offers that come in the line of, I need you to please do this thing for me and I would not mind to pay you back in whatever manner you wish to be rewarded and often times you know it soo well that this payment is not far from the one that is done with her being on her back – some married ones are not exempted too.”

Watch the podcast below,

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