popular Ghanaian spiritualist flew

A video making rounds on social media shows the funny moment a popular Ghanaian spiritualist attempted to fly like a bird on live TV.

The spiritualist showed off his ‘flying’ prowess in an interview with Ghanaian TV host, Arnold Mensah, held in an open field.

In the trending video, the spiritualist who held a chicken in one hand, repeatedly told Arnold that he wanted to fly to the North.

popular Ghanaian spiritualist flew

Arnold was evidently surprised by his statement but indulged him and told him to fly. Surprisingly, the spiritualist raised his hands like he was spreading his wings, and told the presenter “I’m gone”.

The presenter, who tried hard to hold back his laughter, queried the spiritualist for claiming to have flown away despite remaining in the same position.

In response, the spiritualist defended himself, saying Arnold could not see him fly because he doesn’t have spiritual eyes.

Watch below,

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