An emotional bride from Benue state, has warmed the hearts of many on social media.

She was photoed breaking down in tears on her wedding day.

The stunning Nigerian bride, Miss Nguemo Agera from Benue state, had earnestly looked forward to the moment she’d marry her fiance, Mr Terver from Mase people of Gwer East.

When she finally was to proceed with her handover, she let a river of tears flow down her cheeks.

Photos from her big day shared by a family member are below. The photos were captioned:

The family of Terhemba Fidelis Agera Kume of konshisha LGA on Saturday gave their daughter’s (former Miss Nguemo Agera) hand in marriage to Mr Terver from Mase people of Gwer East.

May the good lord bless the marriage and let them be fruitful in Jesus name.

I wish you happy marriage life Mrs Nguemo Agera Terver.

More photos below:

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