A physically challenged man known as Charles, has found succor in the generous act of Nigerians who helped him get a new prosthetic leg.

Charles became known back in October, after photos of him joining End SARS protesters on the streets went viral.

He is said to have lost his first prosthetic leg to police brutality.

Nigerians had donated money to help him get a new prosthetic leg, alongside Jane who also received a new one a week ago.

The young man, in addition to getting the leg, will also be given N217,000 to rent an apartment because he has been living at the National Stadium.

Medical doctor and Twitter influencer @aproko_doctor made this known via his account.

Sharing a photo of Charles during the protest, together with another image of him trying out the new prosthetic leg, the doctor wrote;

”How it started. How it ended

”Charles lost his prosthetic leg to police brutality, today he has started gait training thanks to your donations.

He’ll also receive N217,000 to help him get an apartment as he lives in the National stadium


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