The manager of a popular restaurant in Lagos was allegedly slapped and arrested for insisting the owners girlfriend and her friends pay for their food.

According to the Twitter user, @SayoIroko who shared the story on the platform, that was not the first time the owner’s girlfriend would walk into the restaurant, eat and not pay.

Then she started coming with her friends to eat for free and the restaurant manager had a problem with this.

Recently, the said girlfriend visited the restaurant again, in company of her friends. They ate and as usual was ready to leave without paying, but the manager walked up to them and insisted they paid for their food.

The lady got offended and allegedly slapped the manager. This led to chaos as the manager locked the doors and refused to let the women leave.

When the owner of the restaurant got to the scene, he scolded his girlfriend and pleaded with his manager.

However, the following day, one of the girls returned with police to arrest the manager, claiming he pushed and “kidnapped” her.

The manager was released on bail and is now threatening to arrest his boss’ girlfriend.

See the tweet below,



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