Nigerian actor and media personality, Uti Nwachukwu has taken to Twitter to call out people with a huge sense of entitlement.

In a series of tweets, Uti tackled those prone to resenting others who refuse to give them what they want.

According to him, no one owes anyone anything, and people should abandon any notion that makes them detest other people for refusing to give them what they cannot achieve.

He wrote;

“Entitlement is another subtle form of witchcraft. Shun it today! “Oh he is so rich yet 1 Naira never reach my hand” “With that big house she can’t even give me one room” “See all that food, them no offer me” “Why can he use his money to help the needy” ITS THE AUDACITY FOR ME
1. You are in no position to count anyones money for them-NO ONE OWES U SH$T 2. You cannot tell an Adult how to spend the money they earned-EVEN IF U PAID THEM, ITS THEIR CHOICE! 3. You can’t dictate to people how to live and/run their lives – U AINT GOD! 4. If there’s no consent
Perish the thought that encourages you to HATE another human being because they refused to give u what you yourself cannot earn.
Abi you guys like to use religion to justify your ways in this region?
Didn’t Jesus say It’s more blessed to GIVE than RECEIVE? So why are u now obsessed with being on the receiving end? U no like blessings for yourself? FYI Just becos someone says NO to U, doesn’t mean they ain’t giving it to someone else and reaping their blessings. So if u like, de Judge de go.
This also applies to Favours, opportunities, Love Languages, peoples time, etc. He who expects from others, has chosen a life of sadness and despair. Let every good deed come as a surprise instead and happiness will not elude you. This is also a ‘Note to self’ moment.”

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