Maria Ude Nwachi, has said men are better than women and she revealed what she would do if she were born male.

The former Ebonyi Lawmaker took to to her social medi page to share the story of a man who took up one room in his house for himself and made his wife and kids share a room.

Maria defended it and said men have a lot they are thinking of and they need the quiet to think and plan.

One of her facebook friend then countered her opinion and told her that being a woman is not easy too, Maria responded: “Even a physically incapacitated male is 200 times more than the female.”

She added ;

If i were lucky to be a man na to send my wife and kids to another country or state, my own na to make sure they have all the money they need.

Make my head cold. When I have time, I will go and see them.

I am not advising any man to do this, i am only stating what I will do if i were fortunate to be a male.

See the rest of her post below.

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