Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has gotten over the nasty breakup with her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan, who lives in the UK, and has taken to sharing videos of her new man.

The clips, however, did not go over well with everyone, as some netizens criticized her for once again placing her relationship in the spotlight without reflecting on how the last one went south.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday responded to those who criticized her for posting her new boyfriend, clearly unfazed by their comments.

She took to her instastory to blast all who had any negative thing to say about her decision to post about her relationship again.

“I wonder why some of you still live in my past, as in dey drink better panadol untop my own headache…Na wah!!”

“A lot of you are lonely and misre*ble na why body dey pepper una. Get well soon” she shared

“Keep your prayers to yourself make una no pray for me, I am good”

“I can post 3 million men on my page if I want to..try dey mind your business.. im not related to any of you”



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