Ezi Emela says

British-born Nigerian singer, Ezichimemela Ezeh, better known as Ezi Emela, has asserted that women of all races love Nigerian men.

The alte-singer stated this while speaking as a guest on an episode of ‘The Cruise Connoisseur” Podcast.

Discussing on the reputation of Nigerian men, Ezi said even though people accuse them of being players and cheats, women from different races still want to date them.

Ezi Emela says

According to her, there’s something special about men from Nigeria because they are desirable around the world.

She added that even though women talk down on Nigerian men and call them ‘demons’, they still get married to them every other weekend.

”Every race all over the world loves Nigerian men, there’s something about y’all,” Ezi said.

Watch her speak below,

In other news, a young man was left heartbroken and devastated after discovering that his girlfriend was impregnated by another man and planned to pin it on him.

The man, who took to a social platform to share his story, said he and his girlfriend had been struggling to conceive for a while and all of a sudden, she fell pregnant easily.

However, when she was six months pregnant, a man claiming to be his girlfriend’s lover, paid him a visit at work and told him that he had been having an affair with his girlfriend for a year and the pregnancy is his.

He said they wanted to pin the pregnancy on him because the lady didn’t want to lose her ‘perfect life’ and he also wasn’t ready to become a father.

Following the startling revelation, the heartbroken man said he pretended not to be aware of the malicious act and stayed with his girlfriend till she welcomed the child, then he dumped her in the labour room. According to him, he was planning to propose to her after delivering the baby. Read here

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