A Nigerian man has taken to social media to declare his love for his wife, whom he claims cheated on him twice.

The man, identified as @teekayksuh, revealed he forgave his wife after catching her cheating on him twice and that they are still happily married.

He made this revelation while reacting to a Twitter user who questioned why it is so difficult for Christian men to forgive their spouses’ infidelity yet wives pray for their husbands when they cheat.

“Christian women have been sentenced to WAR ROOM for years to pray for cheating men but the moment a Christian man catches his wife cheating. he divorces her. Can’t he pray too? Can’t he bind the demons that want to destroy his home? Or has God stopped hating divorce?” The tweet read.

Reacting, the man said that cheating is not a big deal and revealed that he is still very much in love with his wife, who has cheated on him twice.

His words,

“There’s no big deal …I’m currently still married to my wife who cheated on me twice.. he question is ‘do i still love her? Do answer is ‘yes”.

See his post below,

Meanwhile, a relationship coach has averred that a man never really forgives a cheating partner, even if he claims he has.

According to the relationship therapist, John Doe, it’s impossible for a man to forgive a woman he caught cheating on him. He opined that although the man might act like he’s forgiven the lady, when they get married he’ll use the incident to taunt her.

He urged women in such situations never to consider settling down with such men, as they will eventually regret it.

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