Since the story of the sex video involving former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, broke a few weeks ago, several groups and individuals have come forward with different versions of what transpired between the embattled 20-year-old beauty queen and the organisers of the pageant.

The former beauty queen was seen in a shocking x-rated video with a lesbian partner. Surprisingly, the video was released on October 11, 2016, a few days before the expiration of her tenure originally billed for October 28, 2016.

Every day across the state since the video hit the streets, different versions of what led to the scandal are churned out by the actors, leaving the people confused and unsure of what to believe.

Since the scandal broke, Miss Chidinma Okeke, who won the Miss Anambra beauty pageant, organised by the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), has remained incommunicado, choosing to go into hiding over alleged threats to her life. She has also remained silent, leaving her lawyer to do most of the talking.

While the father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke, had claimed in recent reports that his daughter had been handed over to a relation for safety, some others claimed that the ex-beauty queen had relocated abroad.

But after weeks of keeping quiet, Miss Okeke has finally broken her silence. In an exclusive interview with The Nation, she debunked claims that she threatened to commit suicide, adding that there was never a time such thought came to her mind.

She also said her life might no longer be in danger, adding that her traducers were no longer threatening her life, and maintaining that those who were after her life had stopped contacting her.

She also said the faces behind her agonizing period in Anambra would be revealed soon, adding that with God, all things are possible.

Narrating her own side of the story, she said:

“Early last year, the ABS advertised for the Miss Anambra beauty pageant. I heard of it and went to make enquiry.

“My roommate was also interested, but one of the organisers told me to apply. I told them I was not interested but the man insisted that I might win the competition. He also promised to give me the form for free if I indicated interest, and he did when I agreed to contest.

“But one Jane told me that before a winner would be declared, there were certain things to be done, including the (sex) video. I consented after some persuasion from the organisers. I later went for the contest at the Marble Arch Hotels in Awka, and I was declared winner with a Kia Rio vehicle as star prize.

“When I went for my car after the contest, the organisers brought out a contract form for me to sign, but I told them I wanted to contact my lawyer to see it. I was not given the opportunity to do so.

“What they kept telling me was that if I insisted on not signing the contract or wanted to contact my lawyer, they would release the video.

“At that point, I became uncomfortable and signed the contract to avoid such embarrassment, and the car was released to me from where it was packed within the premises of ABS.

“From that moment, I became a slave to them. On October 11, 2016, they called me to come and make presentations inside the office of one the organisers. After that, the man excused some people in that room and showed me the video again.

“They told me to drop my car and removed my crown from me. I told them I would take the car as stipulated in the contract. They insisted I should pack it in the premises of (ABS).

“I told my uncle in Abuja about the situation. My uncle called them and asked them to release my car to me. Instead, they forwarded the video to him as part of the blackmail. That was what happened,” Chidinma said, crying.

She also said the scandal had weighed her down. Amidst sobs, she denied being a lesbian, saying she had never been involved in the act.

For her parents, Sir Jeremiah and his wife, Lady Nora Okeke, the incident remains a shock. According to Sir Okeke, the management and organisers of the pageant capitalised on his daughter’s “age and naivety to deny her whatever monetary gains she made while serving as Miss Anambra.”

He added:

“How can a beauty queen borrow money to pay her driver, even when she is supposed to be receiving a monthly salary?

“I cannot say all that I heard or saw. Why was she not paid her winning prize of one million naira fully? Rather, they paid her on installmental basis. And up until today, the money has not been completely paid.

“They have rubbished her and rubbed the family’s name in the mud. But we have united as a family, praying seriously for my daughter and for the people behind this wicked act to be exposed.

“My family at first agreed not to tell me about the whole thing, because I am hypertensive. But they decided otherwise when things got out of hand. I told them this issue will not kill me because I have had worse experiences while in business years back.

“My God, as always, will answer me and expose the truth in no distant time. I won’t say much because the damage has already been done.

“Chidinma is a small girl who does not know anything, hence, she fell into a trap that was too heavy for her to shoulder. But I thank God she is recovering.”

All through the interview, Chidinma’s mother, who was advised by the husband to remain silent, continued to hiss, and motioning her hands towards the heavens in supplication to God.

Two of the chiefs in Ogboji community in Orumba South Local Government Area, where Chidinma hails from, Chief Obi Okoli (Idejimba) and Chief Julius Nwankwo (Nwabulu-Omee), told The Nation that the incident had left them in shock.

Okoli, who described Chidinma as a nice and well-trained girl from a Christian home, saw the entire thing as a set up, but argued that such issues would only happen if somebody presents oneself.

According to him, “she is a well brought up girl from a good family background and Christian home. There could be more to this than meets the eyes.”

Asked if the community was not going to say anything on the sex scandal involving their daughter, Okoli laughed and said: “There are ways of handling such issues, and I don’t think the community will be involved.”

Also speaking, Chief Julius Nwankwo, described the situation as a pity, adding that today’s children behave as they like.

However, he said that the people of Ogboji community were seeing it as blackmail, adding that none of them was happy with what happened to their daughter.

He said:

“As an Ogboji man, I am pained that such a thing happened to one of our own, and that is why we want the authorities concerned to look into the saga appropriately, with a view to arresting those involved.

“When our daughter won the award, we were happy. For anybody or group of persons to rubbish her and our community is what we will not condone.”

Nwankwo said they heard some people had been apprehended over the sex scandal, adding that the authorities should look well in making sure that wrong people were not punished.

The Managing Director of ABS, the organisers, Uche Nworah did not comment on the queen’s allegations when we contacted him. He instead referred us to the organisation’s earlier statement.

In the earlier statement, the organisers had dissociated themselves from the scandal. Part of the statement read: “The attention of the management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, organisers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, has been drawn to a video with lurid contents purportedly showing former Miss Anambra, Miss Chidinma Okeke (Miss Anambra 2015).

“The said Miss Chidinma Okeke, who is allegedly linked to the lurid content in circulation, has served out her term as Miss Anambra 2015 and handed over the crown in line with the terms and conditions of The Miss Anambra pageant.

“We condemn in clear terms any amoral behaviour/conduct as suggested by the alleged lurid content in circulation and do not condone such.

“It is on record that The Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been a platform to empower Anambra women and celebrate our rich culture and heritage. Winners of the pageant are bound to contracts to be of good conduct and moral behaviour and to uphold/maintain the honour in their position as queen.

“Winners of the pageant also contract to refrain from any personal relationship that could appear to hinder their ability to perform the duties of their office as queen and role model, and we do not expect any less.

“We, therefore, wish to dissociate The Miss Anambra pageant from any discussions on the said allegations.

“We feel sufficiently perturbed by the mere reference already made to the pageant and hereby state that we are in no way connected to the controversy.

“We apologise to the government and good people of Anambra State, our sponsors, supporters, friends and all those associated with the Miss Anambra project for the embarrassment the mere reference to the pageant in the controversy may have caused whilst reassuring of the good intentions of the Miss Anambra pageant franchise.”


  1. Lol we are tired of this girl and her Cucumber stuff!The only thing positive about it,is you invented Cucumber but still denying it omo na lie!Your name will go down in history as a lady who showed the multipurpose of Cucumber when we thought it is only for eating..

    • Nne I bu onye igbo,that girl owes no man apology except God and her family.they are the people she disappointed not the society,she should forget what people are saying and look up to God.

  2. Enouqh of this cucumber story..
    The harm has already beinq done.. It can’t be reversed..

    Meanwhile, I sense some foul play withnin the orqanizers of the paqenant..

    Come to think of it, what is the use of this so called pageant nonsense.. ? It has no use to our society.. Alot of educational shows eq Cowbellpedia, Nnena and friends etc … Are there to be supported.. But our ”Influencial” people prefer sponsorinq a show preparinq potencial oloshos.. Gbam!

  3. What can I ever do to stop seeing this girl post??? I prayed God should mute Maheeda for me and he did I think it’s high time I turn prayers to this cucumber girl, bobrisky, derenle and co..

  4. Stop adding more fuel to the almost extinguished fire. Lie low for now. You had said it was videoshopped and you were drugged and even your family attested to it. Now, you’re giving another version of the story. People will only talk about the negative part of it which is the video not what happened behind closed doors. If I were you, I would let the sleeping dog lie. Nobody holy pass!

    • Funny. Very funny man. @ Ezeh, you have judged and condemned two people whom you know nothing about. I cannot judge u either. Chidimma did that and it’s time for her to move on. Must she dwell in the past? I strongly condemn her actions and cannot judge her nor continue to talk about her actions. Do not tell me you have not had a skeleton in your cupboard Mr Preacher. And stop judging a book by its cover. Next time, think like a mature adult.

  5. I remember the days when Devil wasnt a member of the pageant planning committee.(Days of Agbani Dareygo)
    Your beauty speaks for you
    not cucumer!.
    Its that we dnt knw the real MISS ANAMBRA bcos she was rubd due to her declining their evil offer..

    Explanation or no explanation

  6. A well trained girl ehh?!__okay o,a well trained girl agreed to act pornography bcos of a car__A well trained girl in my own understanding will give the organizers a blunt NO if she happened to be in such situation,you people are just adding salt to ur own wound___My sympathy still and will always go to the poor cucumber that didnt ask for any of this. #NoOffence

  7. you should stay off media so everyone can forget about this shit! coming here to justify yourself is like putting salt on an injury” lay low, pick up the pieces of your life and move on” nobody cares about your plea,its only God who you should be pleading to” may God forgive us all!

  8. Nigerians sometimes I de tire for una,what if this girl is telling the truth,what if she was indeed setup,we know what’s happening in our country now especially for the ladies,even for a woman to get a decent job nowadays she much tender her body in some organization before they give her the job. Instead of you to start blaming her there are lots of things to learn from her so that another girl don’t fall into such scheme. This kind of thing is now rampant especially in Lagos,please ladies just be careful. 9ja don rotten.

  9. Your greed for fame made you like this…
    We all know all these things happen in the entertainment industry…
    Saying No and backing down will have prevented this…
    You never thought of the negative part, you only thought of the positive part which is the fame and money…
    This should serve as a lesson to all those who seek fame at thier own personal expense…
    Be strong all the same…

  10. Praise the lord!!!!!!!!! We know it already….. God will punish this organizers… This world is sweetooo…… So na this people make u act movie whereas u are not an actress #MISSCUCUMBER

  11. Who in God’s name are we to judge this lady we ladies here shouldn’t forget that the one u do openly is better than the one in secret is she not better than many of us here? For men u all have girls as children or sisters what if u wake up one morning and finds out u have worst than this case at hand what would the world tell u my fellow young ladies let’s be considerate lets not destroy another destiny for one stupid reason many of us here has done worse than this good morning all

  12. You are such a sorry ass liar. Why did you lie about being drugged? FYI we don’t believe you neither do we fall for any of your lies. I would advise you turn a new leaf and desist from the act of homosexuality whether you were compelled or not because the truth of the matter is you had a choice to walk away but you didn’t rather you sold your dignity for fame. Take responsibility of your actions and stop selling us mischief and lies and propaganda to try come clean.

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  15. The same way u hate her even the devil hates u pls u people should not kill this poor girl wicked Nigerians u married men n women if this girl were ur daughter won’t u go extra mile to stop this stupid critic’s? LEAVE THIS CASE FOR GOD TO JUDGE AND FOR ME HE IS A MERCIFUL GOD AND HE HAS TAMPERED JUSTICE WITH MERCY CHI GIRL IS FREE

  16. Hmmm all this comment u people are just posting is outrageous ooo because it might be true ….but many of us have our secret sins dat only God sees just because u were able to see hers doesn’t make u perfect and her imperfect …all we need to do is to encourage her not to insult her … Anyways she one of my best celebrities in Nigeria and I love her ,.

  17. Please where is this chidimma hiding??? Am seriously in need of wife and would love to marry you, i like you and your age, if you are reading this just like my comment I would love to get in touch with you as soon as possible, just know that not joking, don’t let all these saga demoralize you more!!!

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  19. The gift of the Devil is never free… If this is truly what happened.. Then I’m not Sorry.. Carry ur cross.. Anyone interested in only the profits of the earth… Not minding the that Body wch God called His Temple.. Such awaits them.. Condemnation ..

  20. Are we d kindred???,,u always cum to tel us dsame story, wen we re almost forgetting it or do u fink we cnt listen to after diffrnt story? Wait o! I tot ur mum said u re missin…cux of u i cnt eat my favorite fruit again
    Give ur life to christ

  21. This things happen evrywhere , i so pity young ladies , from secondary sch ,to university ,even to starting a career 80% if nt more than have been force against their own will by their Teachers ,lecturers and even their boss . The governmnt has to put tight laws against such individuals . Anyways i don’t know Chidinma Okeke , but this sex scandal incident has made me know that lots of females are so jealous and mean , i expect more support from them to her ,but the reverse was the case ,lots of hate speech and curses rained by the female folks , so i wonder where help and notable laws will be pass to protect you folks when you ladies are too jealous to know when to act … I pray nobody love one’s become victim of such situation…everybody acting holy and saint like .. No be 9ja we day , e fit reach you soon…

  22. Why didn’t you say no to that. Must you sell your self for money or fame? You did it and intentionally did it, so you did it. I only thought they drugged you, but now found you deliberately did it for money. #CHIDIMMADIDIT#

  23. Making Nasty Videos is now a step in pagentry right? Its now like a norm. Shut up! I dont believe your story, if it wasn’t leaked, would she had come to the press to say what happend? What you gonna scream is MAMA I MADE IT! cause you now famous beyond pagentry.

  24. Enough of it. You are guilty, because you have been given different stories since then. Lie lie lie, tomorrow you will say a different thing. My advice for you or every other person both male and female, becarful of what you do today. Because it may hunt you in the future

  25. And if i may ask wu is d person dat told u to do so?,les just fgt dis time wil reach no 1 wil remember it but to me is beter to travil out of d country becus if u are stil in Nigeria de wil stil b askn u how did u do it and is it true de more u kep answerin de qestion d more d news spread so just travil out oky CHIDIMMA

  26. Just at d time everyone was almost forgetting dis story, here comes this Chidimma to open wounds again! Ahhhhhhhh nawa for dis girl o!!! Stay away frim d media for now. Its gonna help u alot madam.

  27. You again? Haba bae why? Must u kip bringing up this super story,u are only adding salt to the injury..the deed has already been done, the solution now is stay away from the media,and don’t let those hurting words bring u down. Live a positive life! and soon the storm will be over.

  28. Hmmm!!!…funny pples.See chidimma.D only solution to ur problem is relentless serious prayers for God to personally return ur dignity& respects.Wipe off d bad memories of ur sex video from d minds of millions of pple accross 9ja nd beyond,most importantly in ur hometown ok.Na only God cn do dis.U r at loggerhead or fighting wit great men,moneybags ,govt wit higher connections accross naija.So u nd ur little contacts cnt fight dis battle cos d men involved r far above u.Agreement is an agreement.if u cnt kip it,den go instead of deviating on d longrun.Infact,Na God go fight ur battle period!!

  29. Looking for fame
    Well the fame of the world can only keep you less, used,neglected and wear out if not orchestrated by God.
    Devil has no empathy towards his friends or those who he lures into evil or sin even though it pleases him. He will deal with you when you want to option out or being tired of his desires.
    To everyone here seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness ( a promise was given) and every other thing will be added to you. Example fame, wealth, Sucess, blessings e.t.c.
    Set your priorities aright my people.
    Jesus is our first priority.

  30. You media ppl, you are not helping her, what has she done that cannot be corrected, stop all these publicity and let her live. Whosoever that is behind that vedeo should remember he has a daughter. What done is done, keep this out of media.

  31. You were desperate that was y u did that, u denied it before that it wasn’t u, later u said it was photoshop, haba! We are not fools now,are u a fool, not just sex, lesbian sex, of course ure a lesbian except a lesbian who can do that, who are you trying to please here,so u can open ur legs for 50 naira cucumber and allow pple to video u all in d name of beauty paegant, na wa o! Anyway, the damage has been done, this is a big lesson to all, just repent and ask God for forgiveness , a lesson to desperados who can do anything for fame and money, u must not be a beauty paegant holder before any1 knows that ure beautiful

  32. Hey lady or na girl u b,wen u were told of dis miserable act y didn’t u turn down their rewarding wit all ur ideas of winning d pageant,is it now dat u re even more popular Dan Google search u beginning to realizes ur mistakes, wat I believe on u girls of dis days no matter how beautiful most of u appears to b,dere always dat bad spirit dat confuses most u to engaging urself in any disgraceful act

  33. According to her, she was ‘persuaded’ to perform the act while being recorded in order to increase her chances of being declared the winner of the beauty pageant. My own question is… beauty pageant na by force??? A person with a ‘christian’ background no for comot slippers run immediately them mention sextape? My bro once told me of a girl who came second in one beauty contest like that a few years back. She would’ve come first if she had agreed to have sex with the organiser(s) of the contest but she refused and the girl who was approached after her agreed and came first while she came second. Na so the thing dey. It sucks. But the thing is she (Chidinma Okeke) had a choice. She wasn’t forced. And she was recorded. What did she think was going to happen? It sucks sha. She should just find a way to get out of this part of the planet at least until this issue is forgotten.

  34. Idiot girl if you could dat cus of money nd cars it shows u re not a responsible girl. I don’t know y people will see the truth nd dey will be saying rubbish… Nd some people are still supporting her. Birds of the same feather.

  35. But she denied it wasn’t her at first. Who are we to judge you. Sometimes paths to a celebrity life could be filled with ups and downs. Take heart, forget what happened and move up with your life like it never happened…. God is your strength.

  36. If this girl is naive, are there no reasonable people in her family to put her through that coming to the media will continue to rubbish her image? I honestly pity the girl wether we was wrong or not, i see a young naive girl who fell into a trap just to achieve. I pray God will help in reforming you.

  37. Wen is like Nigeria is abt to forget dis issue, dey will come out again to cuk up one story all in d name defending dere lies, Chidimma u ar foolish oo, Plis we have forgotten dat ur issue, go nd sin no more, we have so many tins to think of rite nw.

  38. That video dey crack for my phone
    i don even delete am, make hin nor corrupt my files. why are u now bringing it up again?
    or is there part 2?
    cos the part 1 didnt end well.

  39. If people are fighting on social media your Ibo people will say they are prostitute from Edo state, and here you are justifying prostitution, formal miss Anambra and now Miss CUMCUMBA

  40. Some of you make me laugh with ur funny and sentimental comments. First of all this Chidima girl is up to 18years, so she knows good from evil. To me her greed lure her to be stupid, come to think was a gun put on her head to do the video, No! It was a choice, she was told that act a soft port n get a crown n she did. So her parents and this stupid, selfish and greedy girl should just hide themselves from the public. Bcos this their damage control is not working but making them look annoying. And please they should stop saying she is a from a Christian home an well trained girl.

  41. Listen Audience, please I need your attention, I do tell people who cares to listen and I will continue saying it, that I don’t fancy all this actress and models, they can do anything just to be famous,if what this girl said here is true,others has done it in the past and survive, but chidinma okeke couldn’t survive it, I have never fathomed why people will indulged in evil act because of fame, most of people might have heard about the dirty Game that is involved and call it quit while some greedy people will go ahead and accept it.same thing goes to some men that did a lot atrocities to make money. Atimes I don’t blame all this people, I blame those people that cajoled them in participating in the dirty Game. Because they will keep on telling you, “do it” that is how others survive.
    Aftermath of this ugly incident from chidinma, I learnt that a lot of people are defending people who is indulging in evil act with their usually word, such as “don’t judge” your sin is worster than her sin, he who has not sin be the first to cast a stone! Etc. I am quite sure that this girl might not be practicing this before she was admitted into university, but for the fact that people does not condemn evil, she would not know the consequences of what she was doing then.i believe that some innocent people who might fall victim in the future or dreaming to join the dirty Game would have learned their lessons! And also for our parents to be careful about the whereabouts and the future of their children. I am sure that chidinma okeke, will be a change person, because God has a way of doing things, God used this opportunity to arrest her and other culprit.what she needed now is prayers.

  42. My dear! Is well with you! Almighty God will vindicate you.. Is really sad you had to go through all that just for the sake of answering queen! Sure your eyes are more opened now. Ask God for forgiveness and that of your family, move on and let the conscience of the perpetrators judge them till death!

  43. I knew something is behind this.. I’m still blaming u for accepting with their terms before winning that shit, it’s pride that lured u to agree…However,organizers of this shit will suffer it one way or the other, to ruin the little girl life,even using it for their selfish reason, when the wrath of God will befall them they will suffer it. In the other hand, this is lesson to all the young one who eager to be famous without due hardworking and prayer, it can’t benefit u nothing.. who knows the numbers of times they bang this girl when ever one wants,pimping her for rich politicians and making the money for their selves. Idiot people

  44. If what u just said is really true, why didn’t u file a court proceeding against them? We have been trying to forget ur matter sef till u surfaced again! Ur matter cannot reduce rice in Xmas biko leave us! U wey dey ushhh asshh as cucumber dey screw u. U come here saying na blackmail! Iffa whooze dat ur konkolo head there! Please lay low and allow sleeping dogs lie in peace!

  45. My dear wat is their biz about ur life? Don’t give a shit about it OK, just forget the rubbish and move on, mind u if u haven’t been talked about as a celeb my dear u never become celebrity.

  46. dis girl na mumu o….
    I thought she wz sm1 reasonable…
    if u no win miss anambra shabi u go die? I wonder y pple value fame so much. doing ungodly things just to acquire fame….
    u r really a disgrace,,b4 I wz encouraging pple nt to comdenm u buh u did it just becos of fame….
    well enjoy ur fame cos u r one of d worlds most popular celeb now

  47. Pageantry in Nigeria needs to be bound for now. Every girl wants to be a queen,every girl wants to wear a crown. and the so called sponsors and managements now use it as a platform for high class prostitution.. we now have different queens..queen this,queen that even Queen holy kiss. In a situation u finally emerged as the winner,for the promised prize to be given to u, u have to work for it and u know what’s at stake..#sealed#.

  48. Moral lesson- never wish to be like anybody.i guess many gals who knew her wanted to be like her but never knew wot she did to get see d shame n disgrace she has landed hersef. I pray God gives u d strength to scale through dis trying tyms .