Eyewitness gives

A Nigerian man who witnessed the boat accident that resulted in the death of popular actor John Paul Odonwodo, better known as Junior Pope, has shared what caused the accident.

Recall that Junior Pope, a father of three, died by drowning in the Anam River, Anambra state, while on a boat on his way back from a movie set on Wednesday, April 10.

Speaking about the incident, the eyewitness, in a video shared online, revealed that the boat carrying Junior Pope collided with another boat, causing both boats to capsize.

Eyewitness gives

According to him, the driver of the boat Junior Pope was on didn’t see the oncoming boat on time, and before he could swerve, it was too late and they collided.

Eyewitness gives

Unfortunately, there were no divers around to promptly rescue the victims, and they were underwater for a while before their bodies were recovered, while some crew members are still missing.

The eyewitness also revealed that some of the victims held onto the rope of a boat after it capsized while waiting for help. Fortunately, another boat spotted those people and rescued them alive.

As of the time of writing this story, three bodies including Junior Pope’s have been recovered, while a search is still ongoing to find the corpses of the other victims.

Watch him speak below,

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