Popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has shared a screenshot of the vile and disturbing message she received from a bitter racist troll.

The mother of two who recently got separated from her Caucasian husband, Justin Dean, in a messy social media fiasco, took to her Instagram story to share the message and disclosed that she receives those kind of offensive messages from racists on a daily basis.

Korra Obidi asks

She then asked netizens if they are still interested in being popular as it opens them up to such treatment from people who dislike them.

“I get this everyday from racists. Are you sure you still want to be famous”, she captioned it.

Read the heart-wrenching message directed at the dancer, her two daughters and her African ethnicity below,

“Ugly black whore you can do what you want you stay ugly. You can make all your fashion, Justin doesn’t want you anymore. You can play here with your ugly African children. You wish your African kids looked like Justin hahahahah. Put your dirty fat baby on a diet. What is Athena so ugly with her frizzy hair hahaha. You have an ugly big black mouth. Bah!!!

Justin has realized that you are not his type, You have a big hole at the bottom, no man wants you. Your ass stinks dirty whore from so many men you’ve taken. Justin will never, ever choose you. Black dog you are with your big lips. You still have to eat like this. You that you’re getting fat as a cow. You are related to the cow along with your African children. Fall dead internet whore you are begging on Facebook.”

Korra Obidi asks

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